We are Piccanto, an a-capella band from Salzburg (AUT). Since 2010, we have been singing together in various constellations and since 2015, we are regularly touring through Austria in a more “compact“ way.

Now, countless concerts, various TV appearances and two albums later, we are more than just close friends and colleagues. Today, each minute spent together carries all the strength, time and creativity we have put into Piccanto during the last years. Bearing this in mind is a huge motivation and makes us enjoy every single moment. Thus, it was no problem to work on Christmas songs while lying in the pool in summer (with the outside temperature reaching 40 degrees Celsius).


After our first album “SEVEN“, which was produced by Sony Music and released shortly after winning the TV Show “Die große Chance der Chöre“ in 2015 , we released our second album „Crossover Christmas“ last summer. This time, the album was entirety recorded and produced by ourselves in our own studio. During this time we had the pleasure to work with Bill Hare. Due to his many years of experience working in the a-cappela biz, he could provide us with useful tips and put the finishing touches on our albums.


We are particularly happy about the expansion of our performances to Germany, where we won two prestigious a-capella contests and are already looking forward to what the next year holds for us.


Everyone who would like to join us (live), is interested in us and enjoys our music or simply likes our band, is cordially invited follow us. There, you can find out where we currently are, which projects we will work on in the pool this year and at which festivals you can meet us.

Of course, meeting you LIVE, chatting with you and taking pics together is what we enjoy most.

See you soon!


Josi, Leo, Raphi, Arti, Max & Patrick

All of us graduated from the same secondary school with focus on music (Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg). This school was not only the place where Piccanto was formed, it was also the place where we would rehearse and gain first on-stage experiences. Once graduated, we distributed all over Austria and it did not take much time until we lost track of each other. Piccanto probably would not exist today if Raphi, our bass singer, had not signed us up for the ORF show „Die große Chance der Chöre“ without much ado and especially without the rest of the band‘s knowledge. After some initial doubts, we quickly realized that taking part in this competition would be a huge opportunity for our band and could make us gain new momentum. We worked incredibly hard, which eventually made us win the competition, strengthened the band‘s team spirit and gave us new energy to continue with what we love to do!

We all

The band consists of 6 passionate musicians, who, despite their young age, are already professionals. Various vocal studies, coachings and many years of experience on stage made one of the best modern a-capella groups out of the individual artists. They have demonstrated their extraordinary singing skills while touring through Austria as well as at internationally renowned competitions, one of them being the „Vocal Champs Contest“ in Germany, where the group won both the jury and the audience award in 2017.


Pop in all danceable facets - this is how their show is described best, enriched by elements of jazz, classical and electronic music. The modern style of their arrangements together with rich beats and harmonic finesse convince and thrill audiences beyond the traditional a-capella lovers.


The young men, who are between 20 and 23 years of age, cannot help but regularly sing for good causes in addition to their usual tour program. At charity events all over Austria, they have performed inter alia for traumatized refugees in cooperation with renowned organizations such as AMREF, Wider der Gewalt, etc.


Piccanto cannot be set aside. Piccanto remain at the top of the playlist and are engraved into the mind‘s center/store of catchy tunes. Piccanto sing their hearts out and thrill the audience with their performance. The stage is their home, they capture the audience and convince in every way: They are Piccanto.

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